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At GW Law, we have mastered the art of legacy planning and recognize each life story is unique and constantly affected by change.

That is why we created the Galbraith Weatherbie Legacy Management Program. This systemized updating program is automatically billed each January and provides ongoing support for our firm’s clients. The Galbraith Weatherbie Legacy Management Program provides the necessary services to assure plans stay current by offering the following:

An estate plan that is kept up-to-date and shared with select members of your family is easier to administer and less time consuming to settle after a client passes away. Video conferencing services allow you to include family during the Legacy Plan Review stage. As a member of the Galbraith Weatherbie Legacy Management Program, your family will be entitled to significantly reduced fees for post-death estate settlement and administration. In fact, at Galbraith Weatherbie, we charge only one-half of the statutory fee to administer and settle a Legacy Management Program member’s estate.