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Define Your Legacy With
Elevated Estate Planning Solutions

We empower families by showing them what’s possible and helping them successfully plan for today and protect for tomorrow.

Creative Solutions

Our focus is on the unique situation of each family rather than boilerplate documents.

Legacy Mindset

It’s about your spouse, children and grandchildren and the community you want to lift up.

Peace of Mind

We help you protect your estate so that it can enrich your heirs and their heirs.

How much could outdated, document based planning be costing your family?

Burden to Future Generations

Many people did great planning once upon a time, but it’s not up to date and it’s not going to work the way they thought it would.

Family unprotected

Transactional Estate Planning focuses on the documents rather than the real people you want to protect.

Loss of Generational Wealth

With traditional, document-based estate planning strategies, wealth is often earned and lost inside of three generations.

Plan for Today

Build a plan that helps set your heirs on a course that will honor your legacy.

Protect for Tomorrow

We help you protect your estate so that it can enrich your heirs and their heirs.

Peace for Generations

Ensure that those you love will thrive for generations to come.

We Know You Want to be an Inspiration for Your Family and
Help Them Manage a Lasting Family Legacy.

With such a large percentage of generational wealth being lost through fill-in-the-blank, document-based estate planning strategies,
GW Law explores solutions through a more personal lens.

Our Board Certified Attorneys have Developed
Customized Planning Solutions for over $50 Billion of Client Assets.

Our Managing Partner, Brad A Galbraith, Esq., CPA is the author of the Florida Domicile Handbook and 6 other books on tax planning.

Elevated Estate Planning

Fixed Fee Estate

Proactive Annual
Updating Program

Cost effective Estate and
Trust Administration

Here’s how it works

Our job is to take the myriad of Estate Planning instruments piled up on the table and work with you to build a finished plan that reflects your values and gives them room to grow over the generations.

Learn about your unique situation

We’re going to explore what you value in life. What are your internal values? What have they generated in the outer world? How can it continue to generate and support your family for generations to come?

Design a custom plan

Our conversations are more about what can be accomplished rather than the mere process of drafting documents.

Manage the plan every step of the way

Signing documents is just the first step. We will continue to update your plan so that it works as intended and changes based on your unique circumstances.

At GW Law we know that you want to be an inspiration for your family and help them manage a lasting family legacy. In order to do that you need to explore ways to develop a plan that empowers and protects your loved ones.

The problem with traditional, document-based estate planning strategies, wealth often earned and lost inside of three generations which makes you feel unsure that your plan will work as intended for your family. We believe that it would be a shame for your family to lose the benefit of what you’ve worked a lifetime to build.
We understand that estate planning isn’t about documents. It’s about you and your family and is guided by principles that transcend conventional thinking. With this in mind, our board certified attorneys come alongside you to create and implement a legacy plan that is as dynamic as your family.

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